Interesting Mushrooms Found by others

1.  Morels and American Caesar Mushrooms.

2.  Jerry's forays in Maine on 8/7, 8/9 and 8/11/2006.  On 8/9 he went out with David whom he met through NE Mushroom Hunters, a Yahoo forum.
Here are two pictures of the Great White Hunters :o)
Confusion about a red bolete.

The Chanterelle puzzle solved.
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3.  Boletus morissii found by Bill Neill on about 8/3/06.

4.  A foot long Boletus edulis harvested by Bill Neill in California.  Bill also found Craterellus calyculus and Craterellus scinereus

5.  A parasitic fungus found by David S. in Maine, in 2006.  Its common name is Collybia Jelly aka Syzygospora mycetophila.  Here is another.  Another find was Tylopilus plumbeoviolaceus.  Some young Kings in August of 2006.  Also in August pink Chanterelle , which might be Cantharellus persicinus, Scaly Vase Chanterelle plus another.

6.  From Donna in Ohio, in August, a young Cauliflower mushroom and another a bit older.  Bill Neill says this one is most likely Sparassis spathulata, a type that associates with oak.

7.  Bill Neill found a Cauliflower Mushroom on 8/11/06 and photographed it again one week later on 8/18/06.  He says this one was growing on a conifer so it is a Sparassis crispa.

8.  Kostas found a "rooting King" in NY, in August 2006.  As growing, and after digging out.  Later he sent me clearer pictures one and two.  Then he sent a section view.

9.  Jerry explored the Mid State Trail, on 8/26/06 and found this polypore that I think might be the Black Staining Polypore.

10.  Kostas found this mushroom that he believes is a Maitake.  He sent it as an attachment  and some people did not receive it.  Here is the original compressed 20%.  Here I trimmed it and increased the Gamma to lighten it.

11.  Russ sent me a photo of several bunches of Honey Mushroom growing in a garden in Watertown.  Here is a large picture of the yard and a smaller one of an individual bunch.

12.  David S. submitted this photo that he believes is a Honey Mushroom that went insane when another fungus tried to have a personal relationship with it :o)

13.  Some interesting mushrooms found by Noah S. in 2006. 

14.  First large find of Morel on May 19, 2007, by Jerry.

15.  Bill Neill found a polypore that has not been seen since 1909!

16.  Matt D sent in this picture of a mushroom growing on another.

17.  Jim R of Hopkinsville, KY found his first morel, ever, in his own lawn on 4/12/08.