This page will contain messages from people who write me about their Chaga stories.
If you have had a good experience in using Chaga please write me and tell me about it.

4/7/12  A message from Richard Thiel of Quebec Canada:

Have been researching Chaga for up on two years now, have a property in Northern Quebec, Getting chaga is not a problem, my personal recipe is that When cleaning the Mushroom I collect all especially the black outer crust which always has anyways a lot of the chaga gold in it, boil this very shortly in a great big pot (3gal.), let it cool and seep, strain it , bottle it, keep just enough in the fridge for my weekly use, freeze in the balance to be used as needed down the road, I take an 8 onz. Doze of this every morning before my regular routine starts, heat it in the micro for one minute add a teaspoon of local maple syrup and drink this while waking up, better than coffee, (no milk or cream).
The Chaga gold is cut into one inch cubes , put through the dehydrator, either stored in plastic containers in the freezer, and or(half of the batch) put through the coffee grinder to make a powder either put into containers in the freezer also for storage or kept out in portions to make the daily cups of hot tea as one wants or needs. The cubes are taken out of the freezer as needed , removed to be grounded up or make new batches of Cĥaga syrup for my morning brew. Sometimes mix a table spoon or two of powdered Chaga gold with the morning hot cereal(oatmeal or cream of wheat) with fresh fruit , etc., excellent !!
Since taking the various chaga brews and meals have lost some weight , my Type two Diabetes has come under control, My blood pressure is down to more normal levels, I am taking less medication, (even the local doctor has become intrigued), my digestion is much better, I am feeling much better (57 years), Call it placebo effect or not , I am a believer for now.