Mushroom Log 2015

5/11  First sign of mushrooms this year!  Some Wine Caps came up in a bunch  in wood chips which I inoculated a couple of years back.  Pictures

5/18  Still very dry.  No visible mushrooms except in the mushroom garden.  Pictures

Today I was on my way to see a podiatrist in Worcester.  I was near Millbury when I was pulled over by a State Police cruiser.  He would not say why he pulled me over and demanded my license and car registration, which I gave him.  After making me wait about five minutes he returned and asked to step out of the car.  Again I asked why I was stopped, again he refused to say.  I picked up my cane to get out of the car since I can not walk without it.  He told me not to touch the cane.  I told him that I could not walk without it.  He said he would help me.  He brought me to the rear of my car and told me to lean on the trunk and spread my legs. I told him that this was ridiculous but obeyed.  He made me remove everything from my pockets and told me that I was being arrested on an outstanding warrant.  It turned out that it has to do with me pushing a shopping cart out of my way so that I could get by while shopping at Walmart, a few months back.  The woman of the cart claimed she had her child in the cart and that I traumatized it when I moved her cart.  I did not see any child in the cart.  The local police came to my apartment to get my side of the story, that day, and I never heard anything more about it until I was arrested.
In the process my car was impounded and I can not afford to pay to get it back.  So my mushrooming will be limited to my yard for the rest of my life.  I plan to end this web site as soon as the paid period is over.

5/20  A few more Wine Caps.  Pictures

5/29  Bird Nest fungus and Inky Cap.  Pictures

10/18  This my last entry!  My health is going downhill and it has come time to bring this site to the end.  Chris of Michigan Mushrooms will be taking over the domain and some of my pages.
It has been fun while it lasted!



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