Critters I Met While Hunting Mushrooms

I met this one on the shores of Mill Pond in Westboro July 24, 2004.  It was about 3 feet long and did not look friendly.  The triangular shaped head kept me at a safe distance.

Even though I have lived most of my 65 years in New England I was under the illusion that we had no poisonous snakes in Massachusetts.  On the Internet I found that the Timber Rattlesnake and Copperhead can be found here.

Some people have convinced me that this is a Northern Water Snake that is on the verge of shedding its skin.


I asked this fellow where I could find Morel.  He listened attentively, as you see, but said not a word.


This Box Turtle I met in Dennisport on Cape Cod.  When I came up to take closer look at it pulled in all extremities and closed its hinged, 2 section, bottom so tight that trapped grass could not be pulled out.


I estimate that this frog was 3/4 inches long.  It was sitting on a raspberry cane beside a trail in Sutton.


This critter, named Vlad, a resident of Dennisport, is holding what looks to me to be two prime specimens of Red-capped Scaber Stalks that he found at Race Point on Cape Cod June 18, 2004.


A toad in hand.
This baby toad was not moving very fast because it was a cool morning, on October 2, so I was able to catch him for a photo session.

 Wood Frog

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