Yellow Morel at, Hopkinsville, KY

Jim R found these on his lawn where he cut down an Elm tree about 4 years ago.

In his own words:

"Went out in the front yard, today. Where we had an elm cut down 4 years ago, I found…I think…don’t quote me now – M-O-R-E-L-S ! ! !  J  Now, I’m going to have to rely on you to tell me, are they Real Morels, False Morels, or just some other spongi-form fungi. There were 18 that we counted in a 20sq.ft. area.

The largest was over 3.5” long and the smallest about 1.5”– 3 1/2 in. wide at widest point. So, can I eat these guys or, rather, IF I eat these guys should I make sure my insurance is paid in advance??"